About Canada Stairlifts

Canada Stairlifts offers the full line of indoor and outdoor curved stairlifts manufactured in Europe by Hawle.

Sometimes called chair-lifts, stair-chairs, and elevator chairs, stairlifts are an easy and affordable way for those who have limited mobility to regain their freedom and independence within their surroundings, allowing them to remain in their homes, as well as achieving better mobility outside.

Whether it be for down some stairs and out to the dock at your cottage or for inside and up a curved staircase in your home, our stairlifts can be custom-built to curve around corners and fit any stair-way or outdoor landscape. Canada Stairlifts can supply the perfect Hawle Stairlift to suit your needs.

Safety First.

At Canada Stairlifts, we take safety seriously. These custom curved stairlifts come with a variety of safety feature, like auto-sensors and seatbelts, and have been rated the safest stairlifts in Europe for the past several years. Now, Hawle Stairlifts are available in Canada!

We Value Quality.

Hawle Stairlifts are the world's most unique and reliable indoor and outdoor personal stairlifts, even designed for steep stairs and landscapes with a gradient of up to 75°!

In designing our stairlifts, no concessions are made where quality and safety are concerned. Innovative construction and durable materials ensure Hawle lifts are of maximum caliber and reliability.

Stairlifts with Style.

Want to match your decor? All indoor stairlifts (HW10) have the option of a wide variety of color combinations.

You can choose from a variety of fabrics from our custom fabric selection for the seat, then choose from over 200 colour options for be the finish of the stairlift. In fact, you can choose an additional color for the rail, different from the rest of the lift's structure.

 [Our platform lift] worked great. Even though [my mom] needed her walker, she could come and go...and use it no problem. It was terrific for her.

- Mr. Lewis


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